Berjani Nigeria Sales Outsourcing

If you’re serious about the future of your company, you realize that growth and client retention are key. Our outsourcing sales solutions help you grow while retaining current clients.

To prepare them for excellent performance, they undergo hands on training in key field sales areas including:
-Effective Leads Generation.
-Steps of a successful sales call.
-Sales planning and Execution etc.

We undertake training and coaching of client’s sales staff be it in-house or in out of work locations.

  • We focus on developing a dedicated sales team for you, whether you need feet on the streets or butts in the Mats, B2B or B2C, we customize sales outsourcing solution to meet your needs whether local or global.
  • This professional is equipped with specialized target market leads, organisationalformula to close deals and a follow-through manual.
  • If you’vealready got the sales talent, we can handle the training & daily management to keep them motivated, focus on new client acquisition that increases your revenue and ensures sustainability.
  • This is an experienced sales professional, an expert negotiator who delivers and leads your sales team to success by building capacity through training, mentoring and coaching.

Event Audience Acquisition

Through our highly engaged network of senior technology executives, we can accelerate and assist your event marketing campaigns with hyper-personalized audience acquisition programs. You get guaranteed 1000s of audience for your event.

If 100 person are attending your event why not make it 100,000 persons with Berjani sales team help. Our expertise is in our unique understanding of event marketing. Through creation of audience profiles, buyer personas, and account specific content, we deliver highly personalized communications.

We have the tools, technology, and experience required to get the job done correctly and cost- effectively. With over 500,000 leads in our data base we have what it takes to increase and publicize your event.

Product (or Service ) Launch

No matter how passionate you are about your company or your new product, it can be tough figuring out how to promote it when it’s ready to hit the market.

As a top product launch consultant, If your goal is to see your product in all the 36 states in Nigeria or key areas in Nigeria, we will take it there for you. If 100 people know your brand, Berjani will make it 10,000,000 raving fans. Our strategy is not blind promotion done by influencers. We promote to active buyers interested in your product kind.

We help you build momentum which enables your company to grow and prosper by adding more customers and expand your influence sporadically. With our experience and sizable base, we deliver guaranteed hyper success.

Brand Positioning

Identifying your value within your industry and positioning your brand is crucial to every element of your company. We start by getting to know who you are as a company and why it matters. We will drive your new/not so new brand to reputable and renown positions in your industry.

We persuade customers to choose your brand. We help you take your brands from the current position to the desired position. We deliver on our word of promise.

Product Merchandising

We build small, medium and 100 fortune brands product merchandising success stories. We turn your product into a “hits” at offline and online stores.

We stand apart from other merchandising companies because we work smarter and focus on your success in online and offline stores. We listen to your goals and deliver customized in-store solutions to maximize your ROI. Our dedicated, experienced team of merchandising services experts is ready to execute in all 36 states.

Top Notch Web Design Services

Make your online presence felt with a customized, fast and responsive website that fits your niche perfectly. Excellent smart digital solutions to meet your organizations need. We don’t just design websites, we design website that speaks customers language.

We design for small businesses, mid size businesses and large businesses. Our Standard pack includes.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Unlimited Emails (i.e,
  • Responsive Designs
  • Multiple Pages
  • Shopping Cart
  • Custom Homepage
  • More

Reach Thousands Of New customers

We have the expertise and resources to quickly promote your brand and increase sales.