Sales Recruiting

Top sales talents are on every organisation’s most wanted list because the demand for great sales talent outweighs the supply. Also, because certifications and degrees do not tell you whether a candidate can actually sell or not. Top sales achievers must have innate qualities like competitiveness, a desire for achievement, optimism, discipline and curiosity. Recruiting high performers is something we do well because our recruitment process weeds out talkers from doers. Let’s help you save time and money by getting the right people onboard.

Sales Training

Winning the sales war requires continuous training and upskilling of sales staff. Investing in sales training programmes is the best way to build a great sales team.  At Berjani Nigeria, we believe selling is a lifestyle which means we view sales as a problem solving and relationship building exercise which we do in everyday life. Our on-site sales training programme covers the fundamentals of selling, sales management, effective messaging and communication digital sales in sales and the psychology of selling including overcoming fear and building confidence. Click below to view our training modules.

Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing can be the game changer for companies of all sizes and across all industries looking to ramp up their sales volume quickly without the added responsibilities.

Our sales outsourcing function combines inside sales and outside sales to hit targets.

Digital Selling

We are in a knowledge economy and access to information through the internet has created savvy buyers who  research online before making decisions. It’s time to make sure that your digital footprints lead prospects to your product in a clear and delightful way.

Depending on the nature of your product, digital sales may be all you need; a lean but mean selling machine.

Social Selling – Shorten the Sales Cycle

Social media is the new from identifying, researching, approaching and engaging prospects. Social selling helps sales reps build relationships   reps who use social media record

Email is not the new kid on the block like social media, it’s the kid whose been on the block long enough to know everyone’s secrets. Email is one of the oldest online sales tools and is a way to remarket to visitors to your website who did not convert as well as pitch to new leads. We help you create nurture emails and email sequences that make prospects open, read and act.

Copywriting is the most powerful element of digital sales because it creates a sales force that never sleeps. How? Think of the online presence that you have created for your business in the form of website, a blog, social media accounts and more.. It may be attractive but without clear words that tell your visitors how what you are selling will benefit them and improve their lives, you will never convert visitors to customers. Great copywriting moves your visitors to your website through the sales process of awareness, interest, decision and action. By presenting a captivating message across all your digital touch points your audience will be out there looking for more information about you and your brand and that’s how copywriting acts as your salesperson. Copywriting is the reason why people buy something. It is the bridge between a product and its customers and involves using words in a way that stirs the readers emotions and ignites them to action.


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