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Sales is the fuel that keeps any business going but not all organizations have the time or energy to effectively manage sales for revenue growth. We train, recruit and manage sales team for organizations serving as both a physical and virtual salesforce. While others views sales as just an aspect of business, we view sales as everything. Berjani Nigeria is the first of its kind outsourcing company in Nigeria focusing on sales. Selling is our lifestyle; and we are not just selling but we are improving lives because through sales we connect people with solutions that will impact their lives.

Our Recent Project Experience

We have had the pleasure of working with amazing brands. We don’t just get the job done, we monitor, analyse, fine-tune, re-analyse to produce best strategy for growth oriented action plan.


Sapient Vendors Limited

We are a fast growing construction company with over 10 years industry experience of providing practical engineering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients across the oil and gas, banking, real estate, maritime and construction industry in Nigeria. Our entrance into the construction business was inspired by a growing shortage of quality construction service in the country, especially from indigenous contractors.

What Our Clients Say

Ability that proceeds from a sharpened skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Sani Ojo, AMA TECH

Been able to see result that are mind blowing come to realization is something we have come to know Berjani for.

Maria Eze, TELECOM

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